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The Institute of Endemic Diseases endeavors to be one of the leading research and training institutes on endemic diseases worldwide.

The Institute of Endemic Diseases was established in 1993 as a research and training center for endemic diseases. It acts as a platform for biomedical and clinical research in the University of Khartoum. Community service is an ever growing objective, especially for impoverished and remote communities.

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IEND COVID19 Podcast

Dec 23,2020

BMJ Global Health

Scientific Research Novelties at Institute of Endemic Diseases


IEND organizes a press conference to inform the public and enlightenment of some of the results and novelties of research at the Institute, given the commitment to the community responsibility to share the research results. The presentation touches on some developments in cancer research, corona, and population genetics.

The Genetics of African Populations in Health and Disease

December 2, 2019

Edited by Muntaser E. Ibrahim, University of Khartoum, Charles N. Rotimi, National Human Genome Research Institute/NIH


Immunology & Clinical Pathology

Head of the Department

Pro.Ahmed Mudawi Musa

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Molecular Biology

Head of the Department

Dr.Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet

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Parasitology & Medical Entomology

Head of the Department

Dr.Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid

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Epidemiology and Nutrition

Head of the Department

Dr.Faiza Mohamed Osman

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