Introduction to Bioinformatics Course (IBT_2021)

6 July-12 October 2021,IEND

About The Event

About The Event

The 6th iteration of H3ABioNet's Introduction to Bioinformatics Course (IBT_2021) is now accepting participant applications for more details click Here


6 July -12 October 2021


The course aims to provide an introduction to the field of bioinformatics, with a focus on important bioinformatics tools, and resources. The course aims to use a combination of theoretical and practical sessions in order for participants to gain practical experience in using various tools and resources.

Intended Audience

The course is aimed at individuals who have:

  • A molecular biology background.
  • A basic understanding of biochemistry and/or genetics.
  • would like to become bioinformatics users. For an explanation on who 'bioinformatics users' might be, see Figure 2 in here.
  • A baseline level of the understanding of the central dogma of biology (DNA -> RNA -> Protein) is a requirement.

More information can be found on the H3ABioNet IBT COURSE 2018 INFORMATION SHEET here

Our TAs

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