Kassab hospital

  • Established: 1995
  • location: El Gadarif state, 25 kilometers south to El Gadarif town
  • administrative: Institute of Endemic Diseases
  • Manager: Howard Brown
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About The Station

Kassab hospital was established in 1995 as a rural hospital render health services to the local community. It is located in El Gadarif state, 25 kilometers south to El Gadarif town. Since 2005 the institute of endemic diseases runs the administrative issues of the siteproviding both indoor and outdoor clinical services.Since that time the hospital become a prominent name in the research field, more effective, viable and productive for the beneficiaries i.e. patients, undergraduate and postgraduate trainees.

The main objectives of the centre

  1. To lead the research in the major endemic diseases.

  2. Train scientist and health professionals in the field of endemic diseases.

  3. To render services to the communities

  4. Involvement of the community in the health promotion through researches and community health services

About The centre

• The present capacity of beds is 60.

• Outpatient's clinic from 8:30 AM till 3:30 PM.

• Managing emergency cases 24 hours a day.

• Modern laboratory for microbiology, biochemistry test.

• ECG machine and audiometer

• There is well-equipped room for minor surgery.

• A room for vaginal delivery

• Pharmacy

Centre activities

  1. In the last ten years many patients have been treated with different tropical diseases namely visceral leishmaniasis, malaria, shistosomiasis , tuberculosis, pneumonia and other childhood illnesses

  2. Health education sessions were regularly delivered to outpatient clinic attendance and inpatients.

Research projects

The hospital acts as a major resource center for medical researches. Below are the important researches done in the site which has influenced the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis

  1. Aspects of Data collection

  2. Creation of pedigree files

  3. Introduction to Biostatistics

  4. Calculation of Alleles and Genotype frequencies

  5. Association analysis using TDT

  6. Linkage disequilibrium analysis

  7. Haploview program

  8. Structure

  9. Arlequin

Centre visitors

• International visitors: the centre is monitored and audited frequently by international experts.

• International visitors: the centre is monitored and audited frequently by international experts.


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