Projects and Grants

1. Safety, immunogenicity and efficacy of Autoclaved Leishmania major vaccine (ALM) in an endemic area of L. donovani infection in eastern Sudan. WHO/TDR (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil & Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan).

2. Safety and immunogenicity of ALUM/ALM vaccine in Healthy Sudanese volunteers (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil & Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan).

3. Immunochemotherapy for patients with persistent post kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis (PKDL) using Alum-precipitated ALM+BC vaccine and sodium stibogluconate: a hospital-based approach.( (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil & Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan, Dr Ahmed Modawi Musa).

4. Immune profile and clinical presentations of patients with tuberculosis lymphadenitis in the Sudan. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

5. Latent M.tuberculosis infection: prevalence & Risk Factors in Central & Eastern Sudan. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

6. Anaemia of chronic malaria: the role of depressed erythropoietin response. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

7. congenital Malaria: a neonatal prospectus. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

8. Sickle cell anaemia: a card/registry system for the control of HbS in nomadic tribes in western Sudan. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

9. Sickle haemoglobin screening: Cellulose acetate versus ID technique. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

10. Immunochemotherapy of Post Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis. (Prof AM Elhassan; EAG Khalil, AM Musa).

11. AID to displaced people in Sudan: magnitude and efficiency. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil).

12. LEAP 0104 project entitled “A multicentre comparative trial of efficacy and safety of Sodium Stibogluconate (SSG) versus Paromomycin (PM) versus Combination of SSG and PM as first line treatment for visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan”. July 2004 to date. (Dr. Ahmed Mudawi Musa).

13. Single High dose Ambisome for primary Sudanese visceral Leishmaniasis. (Professor Eltahir.A.G. Khalil & Dr Ahmed Mudawi Musa ).

14. Miltefosine/SSG/Ambisome combination regimens for primary Sudanese visceral leishmaniasis. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil & Dr Ahmed Mudawi Musa).

15. Immunochemotherapy for patients with persistent PKDL using Alum-precipitated ALM+BCG vaccine and sodium stibogluconate: a field approach. (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil, Dr AM Musa & Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan).

16. LeishF2/SSG Immunochemotherapy for patients with persistent PKDL ((Professor Eltahir A.G. Khalil).

17. Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic studies on leishmaniasis in the Sudan. (Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan).

18. Evaluation of molecular biological and serological methods in the diagnosis of leishmaniasis under field conditions. (Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan).

20. ALM/BCG vaccines for Visceral Leishmaniasis: Phases I,II,III. . (Professor Eltahir .A.G. Khalil, Dr AM Musa & Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan).

21. Alum/ALM/BCG vaccines for visceral leishmaniasis: Phases I/II extended. (Professor Eltahir A.G. Khalil & Dr AM Musa).

22. Sodium Stibogluconate/Paromomycin Combination for the treatment of Post Kala-azar dermal leishmaniasis Phase I/Extended Phase II. (Professor Eltahir A.G. Khalil & Dr AM Musa). IEND, University of Khartoum.

23. Fexinidazole Oral treatment for Visceral leishmaniasis Phase I. (Professor Eltahir A.G. Khalil & Dr AM Musa). DNDi/Geneva/ IEND, University of Khartoum.

24. Rapid Assessment of Visceral leishmaniasis in White Nile State, Sudan. (Professor Eltahir A.G. Khalil. Dr Abd Alla Hassan Sharief & Dr AM Musa). IEND, University of Khartoum.

25. Epidemiology and immunopathology of mycetoma in the Sudan. (Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan). IEND, University of Khartoum.

26. Epidemiology of leprosy in the southern part of Gedaref State, Sudan. (Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan). IEND, University of Khartoum.

27. Epidemiology of malaria in two villages on the Rahad River, Gedarif State, Sudan. ((Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan). IEND, University of Khartoum.

28. Cancer and infectious agents (Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan). IEND, University of Khartoum.

29. Nasopharyngeal cancer Project. Grants received from TDR, EC, Wellcome Trust, DANIDA, The Academy of Sciences for the Third World (TWAS) ((Prof. Ahmed M. Elhassan).

30. GIS and epidemiology of Malaria in Sudan. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Elhassan). IEND, University of Khartoum.

31. Clinical and immunological characterization of Tropical splenomegly syndrome in Sudan. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Elhassan). IEND, University of Khartoum.

32. Humeral and cellular immune responses to Malaria vaccine candidates. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Lhasa). IEND, University of Khartoum.

33. Impact of malaria-Helminthes co infection on clinical and immunological immune responses to malaria. Ongoing. (Dr. Ibrahim Lhasa). IEND, University of Khartoum.

34. African immunoassay to malaria vaccine candidates project. 2007-2009. (Prof. Maowia Mukhtar, PI Co-Investigator – Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Elhassan).

35. Epidemiological study of malaria in areas of seasonal malaria transmission in Ethiopia and Sudan. Supported by WHO/TDR/ MIM. 2004-2008. (Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Elhassan).

36. Genetic Diversity and Susceptibility to Malaria. (Co-Investigator, member of immunology cluster) supported by EU. 2004-2007. (Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Elhassan).

37. Natural History of PKDL and it is role in transmission. Supported by TDR/WHO 1999-2004. (Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Elhassan).

38. The role of antigenic variation in maintenance of asymptomatic malaria infections throughout the Sudanese dry season 1998-2001. Supported by TDR/WHO. (Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Elhassan).

39. The role of strain specific immunity in the development of strain specific immunity Supported by. Tropical Medicine Award, The Wellcome Trust Fellowship, UK 1998-2001.

40. Genetic Epidemiology in Sudan (International Centre For Genetic Engineering And Biotechnology).1997-2000 (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

41. Kala-azar In Sudan, The Role of Host and Parasite Genetics In Determining Disease Outcome (The Wellcome Trust, Collaborative Research Grant (Principal Applicant) 1999-2002 (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

42. Genetic Susceptibility to Visceral Leishmaniasis: Comparative Studies in India, Sudan and Brazil (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim-Co-Applicant). 2007- Ongoing.

43. Detection of Drug Resistant Malaria and Tuberculosis Supported By IAEA (RAF/6/025) Regional Project (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

44. The Epidemiological Components of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Outbreaks in Tuti Island. A Field and Simulation Approach (World Health Organization EMRO). 2002-2003. (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

45. Genetic Diversity and Susceptibility to Malaria. Part of the Biomalpar Consortium Funded by the European Union. (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim). 2004-ongoing.

46. Genetic of Cancer (Colorectal, Breast, Cervical). Ongoing –(Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

47. Genetics of Asthma – 2008-on going –Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim. Funded by Ministry of Higher Education.

48. Y chromosome and mitochondrial genetics markers and their role in shaping the current ethno-geographical picture of Sudan. Ongoing (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

49.Genetics of Migraine. 2007-ongoing (Prof. Muntaser Ibrahim).

50. Epidemiological study of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Tuti Island-Khartoum looking for the prevalence of the disease in human and Sand flies)-1996-1998. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed). IEND, University of Khartoum.

51. Molecular diagnosis of Leishmaniasis -1995-1998 (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed). IEND, University of Khartoum.

52. Genetic susceptibility to visceral leishmaniasis –Candidate gene approach-1998-2002. Supported by the Wellcome Trust (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed)/IEND, University of Khartoum.

53. Functional and Genetic analysis of NRAMP1 gene using Real time PCR, reporter assay and sequencing-2007-Ongoing. Supported by The Wellcome Trust. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed).

54. Looking for possible reservoir host for visceral leishmaniasis by investigating natural infection and experimental infection in dogs -2005-2008- (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed –Co-applicant).

55. Immunogenetics of cutaneous leishmaniasis in newly inhabited area in Khartoum -2007-2009. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed – Co-applicant).

56. Screening of known cytokine, nitric oxide and complement receptor one genes polymorphisms in Sudanese from malaria endemic areas. 2007-Ongoing. (Dr.Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed) Supported by Biomalpar and University of Khartoum.

57. Functional genomics of visceral leishmaniasis -2007-2012. Supported by Royal society-Pfizer award. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed).

58. Plasmodium falciparum var genes expression and their impact on Malaria manifestations- 2010- 2012. Supported by Ministry of Higher Education Grant. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed).

59. Genetic susceptibility to Type 2 Diabetes (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed).

60. Genetic epidemiology of common Cancers in East Africa. International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology fund. CRP – ICGEB Research Grant. 2010-2013. (Dr. Hiba Salah-Eldin Mohamed).

61. Identification of possible reservoir hosts of Leishmania donovani in kala-azar endemic region in eastern Sudan. 1992-1993 WHO Grant # 920144. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar.

62.Epidemiology of Malaria and rapid epidemiological mapping (REMO) of Onchocerca volvulus infection in Sudan.1995-1996 World Health Grant # 950011. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar).

63. Investigation of Multiple antibiotic resistances among bacterial Pathogens. University of Khartoum Research Grant. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar).

64. Pathogenesis of different clinical presentation of Onchodermatitis in natural and ivermectin treated Sudanese. World Health Organization Grant # 940452; 1995-1995. (Co- PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar).

65. Atlas GIS grant to map Onchocerca volvulus infection in Sudan. World Health Organization. 1995-1996 (Co- PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar).

66. Immunology and histamine release in Onchocerciasis patients pre and post ivermectin treatment. World Health Organization grants number 960636. (Co- PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar).

67. Cellular immune response of camel peripheral blood lymphocytes to Tryapanosoma evansi, Rinderpest, Hydata and Brucella antigens Jan 1997 to June 1998. International Foundation of Science grant number B/2584-1 (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar).

68. Study of the host and parasite factors associated with Post Kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis (PKDL). (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). 1998 to 1999. HO/TDR/EMRO grant numbe98/109.

69. Parasite determinants associated with Post Kala Azar dermal Leishmaniasis in Sudan. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). WHO/TDR grants number 990559. 1999 – 2000.

70. Molecular clustering and drug resistance of Mycobacterium TB of different regions of Sudan. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). WHO/ TDR grant No. A0810. 2000 to 2002.

71. Efficacy of measles mass vaccination in urban and periurban sites in Khartoum, Sudan. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). WHO grant No. YP/181. 2001 to 2003.

72. The burden of pulmonary tuberculosis in eastern Sudan. (Senior fellowship EDCTP (Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). 2005.

73. Proteomics of the urine of Kala-Azar patients. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). ICGEB grant 2005- 2006.

74. Biomarkers of Mycobacterium TB infection. (PI -Professor Maowia M. Mukhtar). TDR/ FIND grant. 2006 – 2007.

75. Correlates of protective immunity to Leishmania infection (Co- PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar) 2005 – 2006. UBS grant.

76. DNA heterogeneity of Onchocerca volvulus isolates from different Onchocerciasis Endemic regions of Sudan. Supported by TDR\ WHO. (PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar).

77. Immunity in Bovine Schistosomiasis. Supported by a grant from The EEC.( PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar).

78.Proteomics of the urine of Kala-azar patients. Supported by the International Center Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. (PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar).

79.Biomarkers of the urine and sputum of Mycobacterium TB patients. Supported by TDR (PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar).

80. Diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis: a multicenter study of global network for diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis. Supported by WHO/ TDR. (PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar).

81. Improvement of diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis .Supported by EDCTP. (PI Prof. Maowia M. Mukhtar).

82. Surveys on situation analysis in refugee camps and internally displaced people, (eastern Sudan, Dar elsalam Camp (IDP from southern Sudan). (Prof. Eltahir AG Khalil). IEND, University of Khartoum.

83. Rapid assessment of leishmaniasis situation in western Sudan among nomadic tribes using GIS, TDR-funded project (2004, PI Dr. A. H. Shareif; Professor EAG Khalil).

84. Immune profile and clinical presentations of patients with tuberculosis lymphadenitis in the Sudan. (Professor EAG Khalil, IEND, University of Khartoum).

85. Latent Tuberculosis infection: Prevalence and surrogate markers of progression: River Nile, Kassala States. (Professor EAG Khalil, IEND, University of Khartoum; Dr. Amani Shakak, Shndi University, Sudan).

86. The mechanisms of drug unresponsiveness in patients with visceral leishmaniasis pharmacokinetics and parasite factors, LEAP0104 (DNDi sponsorship). (Dr. Ahmed Mudawi Musa).

87. Molecular diagnosis of leishmaniasis using PCR. (1999-2000). (Dr. Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid).

88. Parasite Genetic factors determining the outcome of to visceral leishmaniasis –genetics variations using minisatellite DNA markers (1999-2002). MSc research. (Dr. Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid).

89. Exploratory research to improve the technology of transfection of malaria parasite using Plasmodium knowlesi parasite model, PhD research 2004-2005. (Dr. Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid).

90. Identification of new malaria vaccine candidates emerging from proteomic and genomic analysis, PhD research, 2006-2007. (Dr. Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid).

91. Assessment of vaccine characteristics of Apical Membrane Antigen 1 (AMA) using animal models, PhD research, 2007-2009. (Dr. Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid).

92. African immunoassay (AIA). AMANET network for evaluation of malaria candidates. 2007-2009. (Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet co-investigator).

93. Monitoring of anti Leishmania antibody responses for early diagnosis and prognosis of visceral Leishmaniasis. 2008-2009. Supported by Ministry of Higher Education. (Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet).

94. Biomarkers of Tuberculosis and its application in the diagnosis of the disease. Ongoing (Dr. Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet).

95. Oral pathology Professor Ahmed M. Elhassan and Dr Imad EL Emairi.

96. Genotype of Hepatitis B virus: towards developing a vaccine. [Professor EAG Khalil].

97. Occult hepatitis B virus infection and reactivation in Africans in the context of the human immunodeficiency virus pandemic. (2011-2013) funded by DFG.(Prof. Moawia M Mukhtar, Dr Sahar Mubarak Bakhiet).

98. Understanding the genomic epidemiology of Plasmodium vivax malaria in central and eastern Sudan. (2014-2015). Supported by Ministry of Higher Education. (Dr Muzamil Mahdi Abdel Hamid).