The Constituent meeting of
the Sudanese Society of Human Genetics

25th of march ,By Institute of Endemic Diseases

About The Event

About The Event

the first ever event to lanuch a Sudanese Society of Human Genetics. Its going to be a Consultative meeting on the 25th of march 2021 Held in Institute of Endemic Diseases


Ministry of Higher Education. Major Hall


Thrusday, 25th of march
from 6 PM to 8 PM

This society meant to look on advances in genetics and genomics in Sudan; in research, education and services; and to promote the best science and best practices for the prevention of disease, the promotion of health and the betterment of society.

Goals of this society

  • Promote the best practices and highest standards in scientific research, medical services, education and in health and social policy.
  • Equip policy-makers with up to date and best evidence based knowledge in the fields of genetics and genomics
  • Promote the translation of genetic knowledge into clinical practice
  • Expand genetic and gnomic research in Sudan, to include all regions of the country
  • Attract local, regional and global attention to the challenges and potential of genetics and Genomics research and its applications in Sudan.
  • Foster links of collaboration within the Human Genetics Community in Sudan and with researchers in related fields, in neighboring countries and around the world.
  • Build bridges with similar societies and organizations in Africa and the world.
  • Increase public awareness of human genetics and gnomic research and promote the development of effective public engagement policies regarding Genetics and Genomics in Sudan

Event Speakers

Here are of our speakers

Speaker 1

Professor Muntaser E Ibrahim

Professor of Population Genetics and the Head of the institute of Endemic Diseases , U of K

Speaker 2

Professor Riyad Bayomii

Professor of Basic Medical Science at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine ,United Arab Emirates

Speaker 3

Dr Leena Elbagir

Assistant professor and Neurogenetisist at University of Khartoum Faculty of Medicine

Speaker 4

Professor Hiba salah Mohamed

Professor of molecular biology at university of Khartoum

Event Schedule

Short Talk

Brenden Legros

Prof Muntaser E Ibrahim

Hubert Hirthe

Prof Riyad Bayomii

Cole Emmerich

Prof Leena Elbagir

Jack Christiansen

Dr Hiba salah Mohamed

Alejandrin Littel


Willow Trantow

Elections for the executive board

Event Venue

Event venue location info

Ministry of Higher Education And Scientific Research


Election Form will Open AT 7:25 PM