Genetic diversity of the Sudanese: insights on origin and implications for health

  • Published:April 21, 2021
  • Journal:Human Molecular Genetics
  • Authors:Muntaser E. Ibrahim*,†


By virtue of their cultural, linguistic and genetic legacies, many populations from Sudan have deep histories in the region and retain high genetic diversities. Sudan’s location in north east Africa, a unique spot believed to act as a climatic refuge during periods of climate extremes, might have dictated that fate. Among the marked consequences of this diversity is the potential to provide information on the origin and structure of human populations within and outside the continent, as well as migration patterns towards various parts of the African continent, and out of Africa. The diverse Sudanese gene pool further has the potential to inform on genetic adaptations driven by culture and the environment resulting in unique and interesting traits, some of which are yet to be investigated. In addition, these genomes could offer clues to complex issues of causation amidst the challenge of new paradigms in biology underpinned by the genomic revolution.